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Repair Blowout: THREE Reel to Reel Decks Restored!

Summer 2016

Amongst our many other specializations, we’re the go-to shop in Texas for reel to reel tape deck repair.

Included in the movie clip below are two Fostex decks and one Teac reel-to-reel tape deck repairs recently performed. In the background sits another reel to reel tape deck unit, awaiting its turn in line for service and repair.

So far in 2016 we’ve repaired and restored 5 reel to reel decks, with just one unit besides determined as BER/beyond economical repair—it had heavy damage to eight internal circuit cards and, while theoretically repairable, would have incurred too much repair time and thus a high bill.

Highlights of this year’s reel to reel repairs, by model and brand:

Customer brought a Teac X-2000R with a complaint of “Check All Functions,” probably for a basic cleaning and service. Drive belt replacement and cleaning/service brought the unit back to life.

On a Teac A-4010S with complaint of “Motor Overheats,” we repaired by replacing shorted capacitors in the power supply. Unit went home safe and sound and purring nicely.

On a Teac X-10R, customer asked us to replace the drive belts/clean and service, however we found additionally that the unit would also require a new capstan motor for full functioning. Fortunately, after various efforts and vendor misdirections, we found a source, procured the motor, and repaired the customer’s unit.

Finally some words on perhaps the most challenging reel-to-reel repair we’ve done, a restoration of a very attractive Fostex G16 machine. (This is the product on the right in the movie clip below.) This unit had the special misfortune of having been in another repair shop—a circumstance we heartily disrelish, as this almost inevitably means the product will have undergone butchery and/or mutilation. In this case, the repair proved especially difficult as the prior tech—let’s be generous here and call him a tech—had re-assembled the product improperly, leaving many of the internal wiring connexions barbarously mis-connected.

Once the mal-connectivity was corrected, we found some relatively straightforward issues in the audio record circuit and these were repaired and the unit bundled up for homecoming.

Need reel to reel tape deck repair? No problem—call the professionals—that’s us.

Just another save-the-day at Bammel TV Tech Services.


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High End Amp Repair at Bammel TV Tech Services 

February 12, 2016

We were successful this week in—finally—restoring a customer’s high-end Madrigal Proceed 5 channel, THX-certified power amp. This one was a challenge! The unit had been in another shop—a “chop shop,” as we call them sometimes—and numerous components were swapped into incorrect positions or else were outright removed (or perhaps pilfered, for other, less difficult repairs?) Additionally, getting service literature from this manufacturer is like pulling teeth, so final restoration (which included 9 different, discrete integrated circuits) involved great difficulty. However our team won out over the gremlins, as we usually do.

If we can’t fix it, we’re betting almost no one can. Proceed amp repair at Bammel TV Proceed amp 2





Summary: Amp Repair Time at Bammel TV

Another one bites the dust at Bammel TV Tech Services. For our Stereo & Electronic Repair page, click here.

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May 25, 2014

Well it was a moral victory anyway, if not a financial one, as our assistant AJ put it. It took us nearly a year, and uncounted hours of tech labor, but finally the job is done: restoration of a 1956 Philco H3410. The repair ended up requiring numerous rare vacuum tubes or “valves” as the Brits say; finding an old-school high-voltage flyback transformer; plus numerous miscellaneous capacitors, resistors, diodes, and a Rheostat—haven’t heard that one in a while—as well as significant corrosion repair.

We added a format convertor to allow modern RCA video-in capability, permitting input from modern sources, as the original rabbit-ear antenna won’t function with today’s signal sources.

Here is video of the final completed repair. Brought to you exclusively by Bammel TV Technology Services, filing under: Vintage Gear Repair, TV Repair.

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May 14, 2014

Hello Houston and all the World!  Our new website is, at long last, up and running. What an ordeal! Five years of proposals/reviews, investigations, study, long-lingering uncertainties, concept and art development, more study, wrestling information out of our previous (and incorrigibly incommunicative) hosting company, various trials, code lessons, initial developments— and final rollout—anyway, we are very happy with the new site as it stands. We may do some more tweaking down the road, but we feel it offers a lot more information and utility to our site visitors, and in a far more attractive package.


Here is an image for today’s fun, a Line 6 James Tyler Variax we have in for service. We’ll be posting more information on our work for and relationship with Line 6 in the days ahead.


Line 6 Variax guitar

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February 21, 2014

We felt it was past time to raise up some information for our customers needing TV repair in the Spring, Montgomery, Magnolia, Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball and Cypress areas—i.e., the far-north-of-Houston metro area. This is roughly the area bordering I-45 from FM1960 up to Conroe, sweeping west/southwest from there, through the communities noted above, terminating around state highway 290/FM1960 intersection.

We can’t do a lot better than to quote from our TV Repair Houston page: “We’re Houston’s Super Repair Shop. In addition to home and pro audio, projectors, and appliances, we’re the city’s leading TV repair and TV service experts. For all Television technologies—from the super-duper latest-and-greatest 4k, Smart LED and OLED sets, through the range of plasmas and LCD’s, as well as legacy technology sets with projection chassis and direct-view, traditional CRT-based foundation—we’re your go-to guys.”

With our location at Walters Road and Cypress Creek Parkway, we’re naturally positioned to offer our trademark Gold Standard Service to our north Harris County customers in prompt style. The zip codes in the zones around Spring represent the heart of our service and repair area. We offer in-home service calls six days a week, so if you prefer on-site service we can accommodate your request. Our technical staff has almost two centuries of combined technical experience and expertise. Whether you need DLP lamp replacement or service on your classic projection or CRT-based television, or repair on your flat-screen TV, plasma, DLP, OLED or LED set, call Bammel TV Technology Services for top-quality, warranted repair.

For our TV Repair Houston page, click here.

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February 16, 2014

Hello! And Welcome to Bammel TV Technology Services!  This is the Bam-Blog! It’s our Knowledge Base. Here we will be posting articles and videos on current significant company projects, and lots of other cool stuff like how-to videos, company stats, and other information you will hopefully find useful about your electronics and appliances. More soon!