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Bammel TV Technology Services now offers Level II HDTV Calibration—the highest attainable professional certification standard for expertise in TV calibration and display calibration, from the Imaging Science Foundation. A scientific level of picture quality optimization is not readily obtainable through consumer grade adjustments, without professional grade colorimetry enhancements. These are only available through technicians utilizing ISF-approved colorimetry grading equipment and ISF Level II protocols. Most major manufacturers comply with ISF recommendations and specifications.

What’s Involved in Training for ISF Calibration Expertise

Our investment in equipment and technician’s time to attain this certification was substantial, however we felt it necessary, to position our company as the premier provider of quality audio-visual services for the Houston community. Using high-end calibration tools and calibration software, we can set you up! Modern TV’s and displays can appear completely stunning with the levels of precision calibration available through a trained expert. We congratulate our technician Robert Cardoza for completing the ISF’s rigorous training regimen, and we are proud to now offer this service to discriminating viewers in the Houston area.

Charges  and  Fees

Our rates vary essentially by area or zip code, and by time, which depends on the number of inputs the customer wishes to calibrate to specification. We charge a nominal initial travel fee to perform a site survey and assess your specific requirements; typically the initial assessment/survey charge is $59.95 but can vary somewhat by zone and seasonal demand.


Enjoy your high-definition display to its full capacity—for ISF calibration services in Houston call today for more details and to schedule your appointment.

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