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3 Maintenance Tips To Avoid Costly Repairs on Your Yamaha Digital Piano

Riddle me this. What has keys but can’t listen to the beauty it unlocks? A piano! Whoever is a piano learner or is an expert at playing it loves the tunes it can produce. The moment your fingers glide onto the keys, you get this inexplicable bliss that is hardly achievable from any other instrument. And if you truly are a music lover, you must have noticed by now that the music lies not in the notes but in the silence between them. It goes without saying that your instrument is utterly close to your heart and you will do anything to keep it unharmed.
If you’re a digital piano owner, there’s good news for you. It requires less maintenance than a standard piano. However, there are still things that you should do to make sure that it doesn’t break down. When it does though, it’s important that you immediately take it to a digital piano repair shop. To avoid such a circumstance, here’s a list of maintenance tips for your piano.

Tips to take care of your digital piano

1. Treat your piano like any other piece of valuable furnishing. Treat it like you would a customary or even a grand piano. A digital piano is inclined to get damaged because of specific components, like heat, water, or even moisture. Abstain from setting the piano close to windows or entryways, as dust and small articles may strike through the window or the open entryways may thump the instrument. Additionally, keep your piano away from the direct rays of the sun. High temperatures can harm the outside surface and the electrical parts.

2. Appropriate cleaning leaves the instrument looking immaculate while inappropriate cleaning can cause damage that is far more awful than the impacts of dust on the instrument. All consoles should be cleaned with a specific goal in mind, so make sure to check your guidance manual for the explicit and adequate cleaning techniques for your specific model. You also should only use a dry cloth while cleaning your instrument as a wet fabric can cause damage to its electrical parts.

3. At the point when your piano isn’t being used, try to turn it off. Leaving the electronic gadget on when not being used can bring superfluous damage to the piano’s segments. Apart from the increase in the life expectancy of the piano, it also helps save money on utility expenses.

What if your Yamaha digital piano needs repair?

Even if following the above-mentioned tips, your digital piano breaks down, it’s important that you contact only an established repair service. Repair of digital pianos, synths, and portable keyboards can present unique challenges, requiring advanced electro-mechanical troubleshooting skills as well as an understanding of the musical problem the musician may be experiencing. Fortunately, Bammel TV Technology Services maintain the technical and musical expertise to deal successfully with the great majority of problems you encounter. We are experts at Yamaha digital piano repair. Get in touch with us now!

Clavinova repair at Bammel TV Technology Services
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for Yamaha Clavinova Repair, Call Bammel TV

Yamaha Clavinova Repair at Bammel TV Technology Services


Like any piano, over the course of time a digital piano can get hammered—so to speak. All too common is the user, typically a youthful one, who dreams he is Jerry Lee Lewis working out on some ancient tank upright, or playing a million-dollar Steinway piano at Carnegie Hall—although even this class of instrument is not immune to the effects of excessive force. If you stomp on the piano too hard, even in a stomp-piano style, folks, you WILL damage the keybed assembly components!

We see it all the time, and recently a customer brought in a fine and classic Yamaha Clavinova, with fine and lustrous wood, bearing the hallmarks of juvenile abuse: numerous recessed keys, their hammer-weight individual mechanisms damaged or destroyed by excessive playing force.

In some instances we are able to perform individual keybed-component repair; indeed, in some instances we’re forced to do this, or attempt it; but the preferred solution is typically to simply order and replace the entire keyed assembly, which lends a fresh-start approach to the repair operation and the instrument gets a new lease on life. The Clavinova’s were a fairly high-order instrument in their day, requiring a substantial investment. The sound and tone are still great, even by today’s modern digital piano standards, so we very much enjoy restoring these instruments whenever we are asked to do so.

In some cases we’ve run into some No Longer Available parts situations, on some brands; fortunately here this was not a problem. The recommended treatment, replacing the entire keybed assembly, was still a feasible option.

Summary: Yamaha Clavinova Repair successfully completed, at Bammel TV. 

We’re the go-to guys in Houston for Yamaha keyboard repair (and many other brands as well; visit our main Digital Piano Repair page for more information), including the sweet and coveted Clavinova’s. We sourced the part, developed the repair quote, briefed the customer, ordered the parts, and fixed ‘er on up.

A full video of the repair is up at Youtube. Another successful digital piano repair job at Bammel TV Technology Services.