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Even if, you have correctly matched your bass guitar amp head and speaker cabinet and set your amp for a clear sound, overpowering or pushing a bass cab past its limits can damage the cab. When you use a rig you are not familiar with, you often overpower the bass cab. This generally happens because we are used to a particular setup and know the limitations of our equipment. Here are some of the problems overpowering can cause in bass guitar speaker cabinets-

  • Audio Distortion – If you usually play with a clean tone, it’s relatively easier for you to figure out if your speakers are getting damaged. The audio is harsh, unpleasant and distorted. The cab might also be broken up if the gain is set high or master is set low or vice versa. Listen carefully to look for warning signs.
  • Weird Noises–When you send too much power to the bass cab, it sometimes causes the speakers to vibrate, buzz, or even pop. When the cab starts making weird noises, you know there is something wrong with it.
  • Loss of definition in the midrange–A lack of definition, especially in the midrange is a common sign of a speaker that’s not performing right. You may also experience increased compression or a sound that seems to be a phase in and out. When anything of this sort happens, you are supposed to turn down the power!
  • Smoke or Fire–Smoke and/or fire are the last things you want to see in your bass amp. Overpowering can lead toa burning smell or smoke coming from an amplifier. Check the voice coil to see if it has melted due to excessive heat. If that’s the case, the damage might have already been done.

Some Tips to Avoid Problems

Using a different amp or backline rig sometimes even blows up the speakers if overpowered. When matching guitar amp heads and speaker cabinets, especially ones that you are not familiar with, please ensure that you have done the homework for it. Don’t forget to check their wattage ratings before running them full throttle.

Using an overdrive pedal or have a dirtier tone can help fix the audio distortion problem to some extent, but only masks the sound, the signs will still be there

Let the Experienced Technicians of Bammel TV Tech Services Fix Your Guitar Amp Issues

Though it’s always a better idea to take preventative measures to avoid potential damage, mistakes tend to happen. Let the experienced technicians at Bammel TV Tech Services have a look at the problem. We specialize in guitar bass amp repair services, including tube amp repair, amp head repair, speaker cabinet repair, and more. We are aware of all the problems your gear can present and can provide you with the most appropriate solution to your problem.

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Can Cell Phone Signal Boosters Help Improve Business Operations

Effective networking and communication are essential for the growth and development of any business. Dropped calls and slow speeds make it difficult to understand client/customer requirements and impede in vital communications with them.  Cell phone signal booster installation can be of great help in such situations. They improve the network signal and connection in offices, allowing employees to stay connected everywhere. Such devices allow faster internet browsing and eliminate all networking barriers. Cell phone signal booster installations in offices provide the following benefits: –

  • Voice clarity

Background noise and distortion can make your business suffer considerably. While pitching new ideas to clients and recording their feedback, it is important to have a clear communication channel. Installing high-quality cell phone boosters helps in noise reduction and provides an affordable way of building strong connections.

  • Added security

If your facility uses alarm systems that rely on cellular services, then cell phone signal booster installation is a smart move for you. Once you have installed these devices, calling monitoring stations in case of emergencies will become much easier.

  • Easy data transfers

Every business requires a stable and uninterrupted network connection. Due to crowded urban settings, the strength of mobile signals often gets reduced and causes delays. Cell phone signal booster installation improves the speed of data transfers which is essential for timely information sharing.

Bammel TV is a well-established electronics and appliance repair center that specializes in providing networking devices installation services. If you are interested in installing phone signal boosters, get in touch with the team of Bammel TV.

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Importance of finding the right home audio repair service in your area

If music is a large part of the entertainment that you enjoy every day, your home audio system will have a big role to play. You can have a number of audio systems from high end surround sound to a simple home stereo. Although largely maintenance free, these electronic devices are sometimes prone to small issues. When not attended to at the right time, these issues could become a costly repair or replacement job. So, it is very important for you to be alert to even the smallest of deviance in sound quality or any other aspect. Take the system to a local home audio repair service as soon as you find out that there is a problem.

Music or entertainment, in general, has been found to be a great stress buster. Having access to quality entertainment the time you return from work or are stressed out due to some other reason will help you overcome the problem quickly. Imagine a really bad day at work. When you come back home you find your home stereo system not working. So, one of the most effective ways of getting over that bad-day feeling at work is taken away from you. What’s worse is that you don’t know about a home audio repair service in your area you can take the stereo system for repair. Bammel TV Technology Services in Houston can help in restoring such an important part of your daily life without asking you to spend too much on it. So, whether it is stereo receiver repair or any other home audio repair, Bammel TV Technology Services is one of the most professional and reliable service providers in the area.

When you are looking for a home audio repair service in your area, you should make sure that they have the right expertise for the job. They should employ trained, experienced, and skilled people. You should also ask them whether they have experience in repairing the brand you own. Bammel TV Technology Services is an authorized electronic stereo repair service center for a number of reputable brands, such as Integra, JBL, Yamaha, Sony, McIntosh, Sharp, and more.

Bammel TV Technology Services
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Restored Vintage Zenith Console Stereo

Console Stereo Repair

Customer recently brought to us for restoration a classic, vintage Zenith console stereo, model #MH2602M, bearing a chassis designation of 4G21 9H20. We estimate this unit was from the late 1950’s or quite early 1960’s. Customer reported “retro appeal” on the unit: it being fashionable to come to her home and listen to vinyl discs on the stereo console. But her kitty-cats had gotten out of line and clawed up the grill cloth—quite badly—one of the worst cases of pet clawing damage we have seen! BAD kitty! (Customer indicated she has subsequently declawed the little villains, or otherwise disarmed them.)

But, as pet damages go, this one wasn’t amongst the very worst. We did a restoration/replacement of the speaker grill cloth, using material supplied by the customer. Additionally we did some cosmetic treatment of some critical internal fixtures, cleaned all potentiometer controls, and repaired/re-aligned the display glass, which had slipped out of alignment.

We’ve fixed many, many vintage and console stereo units for customers. We’ll add more posts “in future,” as our British friends say.

For our Stereo & Electronic Repair Service main page, click here.

Summary: Vintage and Console Stereo Repair at Bammel TV…

Another notch in the Bammel Tech Services belt.

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November 9, 2015

We continue to expand the already-huge range of services we provide. Now, we are thrilled to add the Nest Pro Installer accreditation to the list.

The world of smart home automation has become much more than just having a “connected home” or house with some things hooked in to the internet; now, the drive for AI or artificial intelligence is coming home—literally! The very house around us is now capable of exhibiting intelligence. It doesn’t just look cool or respond to programming (although it does do that!); the drive towards modern smart technology is moving towards our homes actually anticipating our needs.

Nest products are at the leading edge of this movement. Those who have heard of Nest may be familiar with their famous smart/learning thermostats, but the company’s agility is huge: they are now offering Nest Protect smart cameras and smart home alarm systems. These products feature great “interoperability”—kind of a buzz phrase, basically it means they talk to each other, and to other products connected via a widely-used communications protocol.

If you have further questions, or need Nest gear installation, call us up to schedule a free in-home advisory. Take advantage of our expertise. You’ll also get 3 extra years of product warranty coverage, just for using a Nest Pro installer. For more information, visit our Smart Home Houston page.

Bammel TV Technology Services
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On Tuesday the 13th of October, four of us left Houston bound for the Big D—Dallas TX, site of this year’s CEDIA Expo: the annual trade show for the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association. A ton of planning-and-logistics headaches later (as well as a significant dollar investment later!) we returned to Houston Saturday, October 17th, much the wiser for the experience.

We planned for a very extensive suite of training classes for all four of us, with the idea of “going all in” to the growing field of Smart Home Automation: cram and amass as much exposure as possible into four discrete brains, then start bouncing ideas and possibilities around, and hope for some good outcomes.

We found that it’s difficult to gauge in advance the training quality and utility of the CEDIA classes. Several were not only excellent but into the domain of the revelatory, while others left a decided “meh” impression. Knowing what I know now, I’d have picked a less expansive/less expensive class schedule for the crew; but of course you know what they say about hindsight.

In the end however the overall results were very good: we gained an overall understanding of the scope of this enormous market, as well as an angle on how we might be able to find our niche within it; in particular, for us the growing fields of Smart Home design and Automation and Commercial Audio appear to hold the most promise. This will involve an app-based focus regarding actual smart home automation and control.

This tendency in the market, towards app-based control, will (in our opinion) eventually make life more difficult for the large-scale control platforms; but given the enormous profusion of smartphones and tablets, and the ramping-up bedrock for integrated apps through such services as Apple’s HomeKit, this outcome appears inevitable.

Stay tuned for additions to the Bammel homepage, for Smart Home Houston and Bammel Commercial Audio!



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Bammel TV is now emerging as Houston’s go-to shop for electronics repair. Planning and logistics now complete for our upcoming visit to Dallas for the CEDIA home automation/custom integration show. Four of us will be going, as we prepare for the next phase of business development here. Stay tuned for more developments as we move into this exciting field.

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May 25, 2014

Well it was a moral victory anyway, if not a financial one, as our assistant AJ put it. It took us nearly a year, and uncounted hours of tech labor, but finally the job is done: restoration of a 1956 Philco H3410. The repair ended up requiring numerous rare vacuum tubes or “valves” as the Brits say; finding an old-school high-voltage flyback transformer; plus numerous miscellaneous capacitors, resistors, diodes, and a Rheostat—haven’t heard that one in a while—as well as significant corrosion repair.

We added a format convertor to allow modern RCA video-in capability, permitting input from modern sources, as the original rabbit-ear antenna won’t function with today’s signal sources.

Here is video of the final completed repair. Brought to you exclusively by Bammel TV Technology Services, filing under: Vintage Gear Repair, TV Repair.