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Grinds coffee tin

Grinds coffee pouches…Thinking outside the (snuff) box here. We’ve elected to add a new sale item in our lobby: Grinds Coffee Pouches…flavorful little devils—just a pinch between yo’ cheek n’ gum, as they say, and you’re set for an hour on your caffeine fix.


We are authorized reseller and listed on their website. The pouches go for $3.99 market (retail). Available flavors:




Flavor Profile (our stock will have a star by it):

Mocha *

Caramel *

Pumpkin Spice

Vanilla *

Cinnamon Roll

Irish Cream

Mint Chocolate


Black Coffee

Wintergreen *


Now on sale in the Bammel TV lobby! C’mon in ‘n gitcha some!

Bammel TV Technology Services
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Restored Vintage Zenith Console Stereo

Console Stereo Repair

Customer recently brought to us for restoration a classic, vintage Zenith console stereo, model #MH2602M, bearing a chassis designation of 4G21 9H20. We estimate this unit was from the late 1950’s or quite early 1960’s. Customer reported “retro appeal” on the unit: it being fashionable to come to her home and listen to vinyl discs on the stereo console. But her kitty-cats had gotten out of line and clawed up the grill cloth—quite badly—one of the worst cases of pet clawing damage we have seen! BAD kitty! (Customer indicated she has subsequently declawed the little villains, or otherwise disarmed them.)

But, as pet damages go, this one wasn’t amongst the very worst. We did a restoration/replacement of the speaker grill cloth, using material supplied by the customer. Additionally we did some cosmetic treatment of some critical internal fixtures, cleaned all potentiometer controls, and repaired/re-aligned the display glass, which had slipped out of alignment.

We’ve fixed many, many vintage and console stereo units for customers. We’ll add more posts “in future,” as our British friends say.

For our Stereo & Electronic Repair Service main page, click here.

Summary: Vintage and Console Stereo Repair at Bammel TV…

Another notch in the Bammel Tech Services belt.

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November 9, 2015

We continue to expand the already-huge range of services we provide. Now, we are thrilled to add the Nest Pro Installer accreditation to the list.

The world of smart home automation has become much more than just having a “connected home” or house with some things hooked in to the internet; now, the drive for AI or artificial intelligence is coming home—literally! The very house around us is now capable of exhibiting intelligence. It doesn’t just look cool or respond to programming (although it does do that!); the drive towards modern smart technology is moving towards our homes actually anticipating our needs.

Nest products are at the leading edge of this movement. Those who have heard of Nest may be familiar with their famous smart/learning thermostats, but the company’s agility is huge: they are now offering Nest Protect smart cameras and smart home alarm systems. These products feature great “interoperability”—kind of a buzz phrase, basically it means they talk to each other, and to other products connected via a widely-used communications protocol.

If you have further questions, or need Nest gear installation, call us up to schedule a free in-home advisory. Take advantage of our expertise. You’ll also get 3 extra years of product warranty coverage, just for using a Nest Pro installer. For more information, visit our Smart Home Houston page.

Bammel TV Technology Services
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On Tuesday the 13th of October, four of us left Houston bound for the Big D—Dallas TX, site of this year’s CEDIA Expo: the annual trade show for the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association. A ton of planning-and-logistics headaches later (as well as a significant dollar investment later!) we returned to Houston Saturday, October 17th, much the wiser for the experience.

We planned for a very extensive suite of training classes for all four of us, with the idea of “going all in” to the growing field of Smart Home Automation: cram and amass as much exposure as possible into four discrete brains, then start bouncing ideas and possibilities around, and hope for some good outcomes.

We found that it’s difficult to gauge in advance the training quality and utility of the CEDIA classes. Several were not only excellent but into the domain of the revelatory, while others left a decided “meh” impression. Knowing what I know now, I’d have picked a less expansive/less expensive class schedule for the crew; but of course you know what they say about hindsight.

In the end however the overall results were very good: we gained an overall understanding of the scope of this enormous market, as well as an angle on how we might be able to find our niche within it; in particular, for us the growing fields of Smart Home design and Automation and Commercial Audio appear to hold the most promise. This will involve an app-based focus regarding actual smart home automation and control.

This tendency in the market, towards app-based control, will (in our opinion) eventually make life more difficult for the large-scale control platforms; but given the enormous profusion of smartphones and tablets, and the ramping-up bedrock for integrated apps through such services as Apple’s HomeKit, this outcome appears inevitable.

Stay tuned for additions to the Bammel homepage, for Smart Home Houston and Bammel Commercial Audio!



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Bammel TV is now emerging as Houston’s go-to shop for electronics repair. Planning and logistics now complete for our upcoming visit to Dallas for the CEDIA home automation/custom integration show. Four of us will be going, as we prepare for the next phase of business development here. Stay tuned for more developments as we move into this exciting field.

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May 25, 2014

Well it was a moral victory anyway, if not a financial one, as our assistant AJ put it. It took us nearly a year, and uncounted hours of tech labor, but finally the job is done: restoration of a 1956 Philco H3410. The repair ended up requiring numerous rare vacuum tubes or “valves” as the Brits say; finding an old-school high-voltage flyback transformer; plus numerous miscellaneous capacitors, resistors, diodes, and a Rheostat—haven’t heard that one in a while—as well as significant corrosion repair.

We added a format convertor to allow modern RCA video-in capability, permitting input from modern sources, as the original rabbit-ear antenna won’t function with today’s signal sources.

Here is video of the final completed repair. Brought to you exclusively by Bammel TV Technology Services, filing under: Vintage Gear Repair, TV Repair.

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May 14, 2014

Hello Houston and all the World!  Our new website is, at long last, up and running. What an ordeal! Five years of proposals/reviews, investigations, study, long-lingering uncertainties, concept and art development, more study, wrestling information out of our previous (and incorrigibly incommunicative) hosting company, various trials, code lessons, initial developments— and final rollout—anyway, we are very happy with the new site as it stands. We may do some more tweaking down the road, but we feel it offers a lot more information and utility to our site visitors, and in a far more attractive package.


Here is an image for today’s fun, a Line 6 James Tyler Variax we have in for service. We’ll be posting more information on our work for and relationship with Line 6 in the days ahead.



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February 21, 2014

We felt it was past time to raise up some information for our customers needing TV repair in the Spring, Montgomery, Magnolia, Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball and Cypress areas—i.e., the far-north-of-Houston metro area. This is roughly the area bordering I-45 from FM1960 up to Conroe, sweeping west/southwest from there, through the communities noted above, terminating around state highway 290/FM1960 intersection.

We can’t do a lot better than to quote from our TV Repair Houston page: “We’re Houston’s Super Repair Shop. In addition to home and pro audio, projectors, and appliances, we’re the city’s leading TV repair and TV service experts. For all Television technologies—from the super-duper latest-and-greatest 4k, Smart LED and OLED sets, through the range of plasmas and LCD’s, as well as legacy technology sets with projection chassis and direct-view, traditional CRT-based foundation—we’re your go-to guys.”

With our location at Walters Road and Cypress Creek Parkway, we’re naturally positioned to offer our trademark Gold Standard Service to our north Harris County customers in prompt style. The zip codes in the zones around Spring represent the heart of our service and repair area. We offer in-home service calls six days a week, so if you prefer on-site service we can accommodate your request. Our technical staff has almost two centuries of combined technical experience and expertise. Whether you need DLP lamp replacement or service on your classic projection or CRT-based television, or repair on your flat-screen TV, plasma, DLP, OLED or LED set, call Bammel TV Technology Services for top-quality, warranted repair.

For our TV Repair Houston page, click here.