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In Stock at Bammel TV: The Ultimate Smart Streaming Device

Tired of paying huge monthly bills, for lots of cooking and shopping channels—with only a few that are actually worth watching? Then it’s time to CUT THE CORD!  and go with the best streaming-TV solution currently on the market: MAGG TV, the ultimate smart streaming device. MAGG TV is a smart media player that streams in HD or 4k with no monthly fees or contracts. The MAGG TV device will give you access to movies, TV shows, live sports, live streams of your favorite TV channels, and 3D movies—all potentially in super-hi-def 4k resolution.


Reduce or Eliminate Pay-TV Costs

It’s entertainment on your terms: over 300,000 customers have experienced MAGG TV’s value. And 10,000 more are joining up every month.

MAGG TV essentially makes the entire internet your personal DVR. If the content is hosted on the internet, anywhere, the MAGG TV device will likely have access to it. This means you can watch what you want, when you want—and all without commercials. MAGG TV media players also give you access to live TV broadcasts—network TV, often local to your area. Here in Houston we’ve found excellent access to all the local channels.


You Can Ditch Your Subscriptions Too

Which would you rather pay? Big monthly cable or satellite bills? Keep that money in your wallet with MAGG TV! Get potential savings of $1000 a year—or more.

MAGG TV allows you to take control of your entertainment costs. Whether you are just looking to supplement your current cable/satellite offerings, or if you are ready to completely cut the cord, a MAGG TV streaming device can help you reach that goal. And by the way—the device is portable! You can use it anywhere you have internet: if you can connect, you can stream.

MAGG TV offers the best way to bring the best content right in to your home and all you need is an internet connection. Stream full 1080P and even super-hi-def 4k content straight to your current TV. Watch on-demand shows…the latest movies…stream videos, games, and movies right at home. Join the growing trend to ditch cable and satellite!  Get the real alternative to expensive satellite and cable bills. Stop paying for cable—there’s now an excellent TV alternative: MAGG TV.

Key features:

All aluminum housing and low noise/cool running

Android 5.1 Lollipop supports Google browser

Flash and HTML 5

Quadcore 2.0 ghz processor

Premium backlit keyboard

Here’s a Youtube link for more info.

A Note on the Competition

In our opinion nothing beats the MAGG TV streaming device, primarily because Live TV support is standard and pre-programmed right out of the box. Subscription services are optional but not required.

Call today! In stock and ALWAYS on sale! Start saving money—and get the best content out there, with MAGG TV.


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