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Introduction: Why Transfer Your Analog and Legacy Recordings?

Transfer of your old tape content into digital format is a great idea, and not only for the modern convenience it affords: tapes are prone to decay in quality over time, by their very nature; as opposed to the digital domain, where pristine quality can be preserved in effect forever, with sufficient backup storage. Tapes can mold and become unusable, and both tape and vinyl lose some margin of sonic fidelity with every single play.

Bammel TV Tech Services

We digitize your tapes by hand. At Bammel TV we can recover those family memories from outdated formats like VHS, and put them onto modern digital formats.

The VHS format is an outdated technology, but it’s also becoming increasingly unplayable. It’s getting harder to find working VCR’s, or even new ones for sale. VHS cassettes aren’t just obsolete however – physically they aren’t good archives of your home movies. VHS tapes are easy to break and wear out, and many of them only last about 20 years. Durable, high quality DVDs don’t have those problems. They’re easy to store and customize, and will if stored properly keep for decades.

We’re experts in the transfer of most legacy analog content into the digital domain. Our particular specialties include VHS-video, Hi-8, and Mini-DV to DVD, as well as cassette-audio tape conversions to digital format.

We can supply finished digital formats: everything from CD audio and data CD’s, to flash drives, up to DVD’s, dual-layer DVD’s, or even large hard drives if your project requires that much storage space. Would you like a personal YouTube page for your videos on the internet? Talk to us about setting up a YouTube page—for a nominal fee we’ll set your page up and show you how to do uploads of your videos to the internet.

VHS Tape Transfers

We professionally transfer VHS to DVD, and analog tape to digital! Limitations in the original source footage may be impossible to correct, but we will preserve what is there in the essentially-eternal digital domain. You’ll be able to enjoy your family memories for generations to come without having to worry about your film deteriorating from heat, humidity, or disaster.

VHS Transfer Pricing

VHS to DVD is charged by the total run-time of each tape, with a per-tape minimum. Each DVD holds up to 2 hours of footage; tapes that run over 2 hours will be put onto multiple DVDs. There is a per-tape minimum, plus a $10 project set-up fee, however this comprises one fee no matter how many tapes you wish to have converted.

Prices are for basic conversion and include audio leveling to a consistent professional standard. For more involved editing tasks, consult with management.

Up to 2 Hours/1 DVD $39.95
Up to 4 Hours/2 DVD’s $69.95
Up to 6 Hours/3 DVD’s $99.95

For larger projects, beyond one tape/6 hours of tape content, with multiple tapes, we charge per tape, at a rate of $100 + $49 per additional tape, up to 6 hours of content per tape (3 DVD’s of content, as necessary; your disc copies included.)So, for multi-tape projects:

One tape/up to 6 hours content: $39.95-$99.95, up to 3 discs included

Multiple tapes: $100 minimum + $49.95 per additional tape, with up to 6 hours/3 DVD’s included per tape.

Additional copies of your transfer discs or digital files are available for an additional fee of $10 per disc.

We’ll offer an initial prospectus and cost estimate for your project. Change orders, or tapes discovered with extended content may modify your project quote somewhat.

The Film Transfer Process

  • We can combine multiples tapes onto one DVD, however this involves extra charges at video editing rates; we will quote in advance based on your custom requirements.
  • Video editing services are available for an extra cost. Standard rates include one tape transferred in its entirety to a DVD. Requests for editing are quoted on a per-job/case basis.
  • Price includes DVD, white plastic DVD case, and generic DVD case cover insert. Additional copies of your transfer are available for an additional fee of $10 per disc.


Many customers have archives of good quality digital home video on camcorder platforms like Mini-DV (digital video), Hi-8, or other camcorder platforms. These can also be rendered into DVD’s watchable on any DVD player, or into useable computer video for storage and possible editing on your home computer. Rates are per tape and as follows:

1 tape/up to 60 minutes (1 DVD or digital video file for your computer): $69

1 tape/60 minutes (1 DVD and digital video file for your computer) $99


Audio tape degrades over time from environmental conditions as well as from wear and tear each time the tape is actually played. Digitizing your audio tapes now is the only way to ensure that your recordings last for a lifetime at the best quality possible.

At Bammel TV, we convert your analog tapes to digital files, which can be delivered as either a playable audio CD or as MP3 files. MP3 files can be emailed or supplied on a thumb drive or data CD, at a nominal charge.

For an extra charge, pro audio restoration can be applied to bring low-level audio up to normalized levels and to remove unusable or silent sections of audio tape. Noise reduction for excess hiss or background noise is available. All of this is done without damaging your original audio tapes.

Digitized audio tapes are deliverable either as playable audio CDs or as MP3 files burned to CD or transferred to a USB drive (sold separately). Duplicate CDs or thumb drives are available for an additional $4.95/ea at the time of service.

Audio Cassette Standard Conversion Pricing

< 30min $19.95
30-60 $24.95
60-120 (2 cd) $34.95

*Pricing is per tape, including both sides. Includes basic digital dump, with no audio treatment.

Audio Cassette PRO Conversion Pricing (includes noise reduction/optimization and level optimization)

< 30min $24.95
30-60 $29.95
60-120 $39.95

*Pricing is per tape, including both sides. We’ll do a pro-audio level sonic improvement to your original source material.

8 mm & Super 8mm Film Conversion

We can save and digitize those precious old home movies, in 8mm and Super 8mm. Rates include individual digital media files per reel, plus free aggregation of film material onto one or more dvd’s, as needed.

Our approach is to essentially group content by context or date, to put similar content or date-range content onto one dvd, where possible.

1 Reel and Up (up to 2 hours of film material): $149.95, includes DVD, plus digital movie file on your choice of disc or USB thumb drive.

Multi-reel projects (over 2 hours of film material):

2-3 hours: $249.95

3-4 hours: $349.95

4-6 hours: $449.95

6-8 hours: $549.95

8-10 hours: $799.95

10-15 hours: $999

15-20 hours: $1499

Transfer beyond 20 hours is billed at +$100/film material hour for hours beyond 20. Projects are rendered in standard definition using digital capture followed by standard editing as needed; compilation to dvd or USB thumb drive follows.

Tape Repair

We can repair most damaged tapes so that they can be transferred to DVD! Please keep in mind that some types of damage to the tape itself cannot be totally salvaged and may result in lost portions of footage or staticky/garbled imagery during the damaged section of tape. However, most troublesome tapes are able to be safely and completely transferred. Standard cost of repairing your tape is $29.00/per tape; badly damaged tape housings requiring extra time may incur a higher repair cost, at our discretion.

Rush Service

Rush service is available for most of our services. Please contact us first to ensure that we will be able to meet your deadline. Rush orders are subject to a 250% upcharge and a minimum order.

Conclusion: For VHS to DVD, and All Your Analog-to-Digital Transfers – Call the Professionals – Call Bammel TV

* Regarding Tape

In rare instances and on rare occasions tapes may be found to be contaminated or unusable. Sometimes this is not immediately visible but only becomes apparent during playback and may lead to Sudden Tape Failure syndrome. Occasionally this may result in destruction of the tape during playback. While we do our best to protect your valuable memories, we cannot be held responsible for damage to media caused by inherent faults within the tape spool structure itself.

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My relatively new Yamaha home audio receiver lost sound for Zone 2. I saw that they were an authorized Yamaha repair facility, and I think the only one in Houston. I talked to John over the phone before I brought it in, and understood there would be a non-refundable diagnostic fee which would be applied to the total invoice (this part seems to be overlooked by many reviewers). They fixed it ahead of schedule, which was appreciated. John was very professional and made me feel like a valued customer. I'll be coming back here for any future electronic repair needs.



I’m glad I took my TV to these guys these guys were the best Bammel TV technology service really save me a lot of money I would have thrown away a good TV I would definitely recommend these guys to my friends and family.



I reached out to Bammel Tv to inquire about some repairs to my CDJ 900s. Fearful that the 4th of July holiday would prolong my repairs John was able to diagnose and repair in 3 business days. Work was exceptional and my CDJs are back running at optimal level. Thanks for your assistance John and I will definitely be back for any further needs.



This company was very professional and did outstanding work on restoring my Adam A7 speaker to spec. Will use them again in the future.



Had my vintage Pioneer amplifier recapped and serviced here- they did a first rate job in communication, turnover time, and results. It now sounds better than I ever remember it sounding.

I will use them again- thanks!



They are very professional, knew exactly what they needed to fix with the projector. Projector working perfectly since it was fixed, about a year ago. Great job!!



We had an MC2102 that was in Desperate need of a face lift and refresh, searched a few shops in the Texas area that did Mcintosh repair, and unfortunately wasn't thrilled about shipping it anywhere or driving 2-3 hours away to get it serviced. Bammel TV does great work! Polite, Responsive, takes there time, and is in constant communication during the process. Keep in mind when you have a unit like this repaired its not a quick process, but They made it worth the wait!
We will definitely use them again, and glad we found some new friends we can send our Clients too!

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The Woodlands Tx, 77380


Bammel TV Technology Services

I was a bit hesitant to drop off my equipment to this store with whom I have never done business. These people are awesome! They are quick to analyze the issue and get back with me with results and cost estimate. I wouldn’t call it an estimate but rather an exact cost projection. From one VERY skeptical person (who doesn’t do reviews often), to any others, I HIGHLY recommend Bammel TV for any of your AV repairs.