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Can Cell Phone Signal Boosters Help Improve Business Operations

Effective networking and communication are essential for the growth and development of any business. Dropped calls and slow speeds make it difficult to understand client/customer requirements and impede in vital communications with them.  Cell phone signal booster installation can be of great help in such situations. They improve the network signal and connection in offices, allowing employees to stay connected everywhere. Such devices allow faster internet browsing and eliminate all networking barriers. Cell phone signal booster installations in offices provide the following benefits: –

  • Voice clarity

Background noise and distortion can make your business suffer considerably. While pitching new ideas to clients and recording their feedback, it is important to have a clear communication channel. Installing high-quality cell phone boosters helps in noise reduction and provides an affordable way of building strong connections.

  • Added security

If your facility uses alarm systems that rely on cellular services, then cell phone signal booster installation is a smart move for you. Once you have installed these devices, calling monitoring stations in case of emergencies will become much easier.

  • Easy data transfers

Every business requires a stable and uninterrupted network connection. Due to crowded urban settings, the strength of mobile signals often gets reduced and causes delays. Cell phone signal booster installation improves the speed of data transfers which is essential for timely information sharing.

Bammel TV is a well-established electronics and appliance repair center that specializes in providing networking devices installation services. If you are interested in installing phone signal boosters, get in touch with the team of Bammel TV.

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3 Maintenance Tips To Avoid Costly Repairs on Your Yamaha Digital Piano

Riddle me this. What has keys but can’t listen to the beauty it unlocks? A piano! Whoever is a piano learner or is an expert at playing it loves the tunes it can produce. The moment your fingers glide onto the keys, you get this inexplicable bliss that is hardly achievable from any other instrument. And if you truly are a music lover, you must have noticed by now that the music lies not in the notes but in the silence between them. It goes without saying that your instrument is utterly close to your heart and you will do anything to keep it unharmed.
If you’re a digital piano owner, there’s good news for you. It requires less maintenance than a standard piano. However, there are still things that you should do to make sure that it doesn’t break down. When it does though, it’s important that you immediately take it to a digital piano repair shop. To avoid such a circumstance, here’s a list of maintenance tips for your piano.

Tips to take care of your digital piano

1. Treat your piano like any other piece of valuable furnishing. Treat it like you would a customary or even a grand piano. A digital piano is inclined to get damaged because of specific components, like heat, water, or even moisture. Abstain from setting the piano close to windows or entryways, as dust and small articles may strike through the window or the open entryways may thump the instrument. Additionally, keep your piano away from the direct rays of the sun. High temperatures can harm the outside surface and the electrical parts.

2. Appropriate cleaning leaves the instrument looking immaculate while inappropriate cleaning can cause damage that is far more awful than the impacts of dust on the instrument. All consoles should be cleaned with a specific goal in mind, so make sure to check your guidance manual for the explicit and adequate cleaning techniques for your specific model. You also should only use a dry cloth while cleaning your instrument as a wet fabric can cause damage to its electrical parts.

3. At the point when your piano isn’t being used, try to turn it off. Leaving the electronic gadget on when not being used can bring superfluous damage to the piano’s segments. Apart from the increase in the life expectancy of the piano, it also helps save money on utility expenses.

What if your Yamaha digital piano needs repair?

Even if following the above-mentioned tips, your digital piano breaks down, it’s important that you contact only an established repair service. Repair of digital pianos, synths, and portable keyboards can present unique challenges, requiring advanced electro-mechanical troubleshooting skills as well as an understanding of the musical problem the musician may be experiencing. Fortunately, Bammel TV Technology Services maintain the technical and musical expertise to deal successfully with the great majority of problems you encounter. We are experts at Yamaha digital piano repair. Get in touch with us now!

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Importance of finding the right home audio repair service in your area

If music is a large part of the entertainment that you enjoy every day, your home audio system will have a big role to play. You can have a number of audio systems from high end surround sound to a simple home stereo. Although largely maintenance free, these electronic devices are sometimes prone to small issues. When not attended to at the right time, these issues could become a costly repair or replacement job. So, it is very important for you to be alert to even the smallest of deviance in sound quality or any other aspect. Take the system to a local home audio repair service as soon as you find out that there is a problem.

Music or entertainment, in general, has been found to be a great stress buster. Having access to quality entertainment the time you return from work or are stressed out due to some other reason will help you overcome the problem quickly. Imagine a really bad day at work. When you come back home you find your home stereo system not working. So, one of the most effective ways of getting over that bad-day feeling at work is taken away from you. What’s worse is that you don’t know about a home audio repair service in your area you can take the stereo system for repair. Bammel TV Technology Services in Houston can help in restoring such an important part of your daily life without asking you to spend too much on it. So, whether it is stereo receiver repair or any other home audio repair, Bammel TV Technology Services is one of the most professional and reliable service providers in the area.

When you are looking for a home audio repair service in your area, you should make sure that they have the right expertise for the job. They should employ trained, experienced, and skilled people. You should also ask them whether they have experience in repairing the brand you own. Bammel TV Technology Services is an authorized electronic stereo repair service center for a number of reputable brands, such as Integra, JBL, Yamaha, Sony, McIntosh, Sharp, and more.

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Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Service in Cypress TX

CALL 281-444-0287 to schedule your site survey today! 


Fall 2018

We received call from a previous client, Houston Heavy Machinery, inquiring on possible cell phone signal booster installation service at the customer’s industrial facility located in Cypress, TX. Customer had previously installed a cell signal boosting system but was not getting acceptable results. image 1 of cell phone signal booster installation service job site

First order of business is of course always a Site Survey. Customer’s building was well off the main road, in a quite heavily wooded area. We performed the standard site survey and measured signal strength both indoors and out, using the Surecall cell signal meter. Surecall signal meter used in cell phone signal booster installation serviceAvailable signal levels outside at ground level alone were on the order of -70db across the board—well within acceptable range. Furthermore customer had previously installed a directional antenna and booster but wasn’t getting acceptable results inside the facility. Our plan: use the customer’s directional antenna and pre-run connector cable to power our Surecall Fusion 4Home booster. Surely available signal would be more than adequate, if augmented by a good booster and internal distribution antenna…

We completed installation of system booster amp in the facility attic. Fortunately the peak of Houston’s searing summer heat had passed; even so, attic temperatures were quite warm.


Busted Flat in Bayou City

Standard procedure installation—right? Nope! Strangely,  although the Surecall meter indicated adequate signal levels in the facility offices upon installation, we still had very little available signals on actual phones. Hmmmm…Head scratcher!

Various attempted solutions: all fruitless…Repositioning the internal distribution antenna—useless…We found the local AT&T tower and micro-adjusted customer’s directional antenna—useless. Further small adjustments in view of best generalized/average band-signal levels, made no difference.

In the end the solution proved simple: we went with an omnidirectional internal signal distribution antenna, as opposed to the standard directional distribution antenna. Signal levels jumped notably inside the facility offices. Customer was happy, and we were happy to complete the job.

Another one bites the dust: another successful technology services job at Bammel TV Tech Services. In this case: cell phone signal booster installation service in Cypress, TX, Houston TX, Spring TX, and beyond. For our main page on cell phone signal boost services, click here. Call us today to schedule your site survey and get the cell signal levels you want!



image of Prophet T8 Synth repair at Bammel TV
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Prophet T8 Synth Repair at Bammel TV Technology Services.

July 2018: Customer brought to us his Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 synthesizer. It’s vintage synth repair time again—in particular, Prophet T8 synth repair time, at Bammel TV Tech Services.

The Prophet T8 , often considered the flagship or pinnacle of the Sequential Circuit line, was released in 1983 when analog synthesizers were being replaced by digital-FM synthesis machines such as the famed Yamaha DX-7. The T8 is a monstrous sounding 8 Voice polyphonic synth with analog circuity under digital control, allowing the user patch storage and a 670 note on board sequencer, for programmable pattern playback. 

The T8 featured 76 weighted keys with full MIDI implementation, plus velocity and aftertouch that could be routed to various destinations, or used to control different note aspects—very uncommon at this time. This synth is very similar to its predecessor the legendary Prophet 5 in its sound and is often thought of as Sequential Circuits’ pinnacle synthesizer: Digital control of analog sound with an extremely flexible, intuitive and beautiful design – right down to the wood panels. 

The Prophet 8 had a bit of a tough time competing with the Yamaha DX-7, which was much cheaper, but for quality it was unmatched. Used by artists like Howard Jones and the Thompson Twins, it still sounds great: the Rolls Royce of analog synthesizers. Generally these beasts are hard to find today and still very expensive. 

In this particular repair, the customer had various complaints. We found the native procedure to reload all the internal factory settings. This involves setting program parameters by way of in-loading a WAV file, an archaic but effective procedure. In addition, we found the in-out jacks were iffy so we ordered and replaced those as well. 

Here is a Youtube video of a T8 being put through its paces. 

Prophet T8 Synth Repair: another one bites the dust at Bammel TV. For our main keyboard and synth repair page, and other examples of synth repair at Bammel TV, click here. 

technician doing LG TV repair at Bammel TV
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LG TV Repair: 55LB5550-UY TV

It’s LG tv repair time again, at Bammel TV Tech Services. Customer brought in to us on May 23, 2018 his very nice 55″ LG smart TV for repair service, a 55LB5550-UY, with a complaint of “blinks, check out.” We put the flat screen tv in the service queue and prepared to perform our diagnostics.

LG Electronics is the latest iteration of the original Lucky Goldstar corporation. Founded in 1955 as Goldstar, during the rebuilding in the aftermath of the Korean War, they produced Korea’s first domestically-produced consumer electronics and home appliances. LG Electronics produced South Korea’s first radios, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. Bammel TV was for many years the authorized service center for Goldstar tv’s, and later for their full range of home electronics and appliances, including microwave ovens. We parted as friends, and we still perform occasional spot and request service for LG, on a case basis.

Together with Samsung, LG forms the “dynamic duo” of high-quality, low-cost electronics and appliance manufactures from Korea. The Koreans have totally laid waste to the giant and dominant Japanese consumer electronics firms, such as Sony, Panasonic-Matsushita, JVC, Toshiba, Sharp, Hitachi, and Mitsubishi. Japanese automobile dominance is not yet in serious question, but here too the Koreans have made serious inroads.

The 55LB5550-UY exhibited a full spectrum of 1080p grade LED-class hi-definition characteristics, including a 1920×1080 resolution with 120 hz refresh. Included were a range of connectivity optia, and good quality sound from two 10w speakers running Dolby’s digital decoder system.

After its time in queue was up, we benched the unit to the diagnostics lab of our chief technician, who made the determination of Backlight Fault: behind the display panel of modern flat screens is an array of high-intensity LED lights or lamps, and occasionally one or more of these will fail, leading to a variety of complications. In the past, we tended to quote for/replace only the actually-faulty lights, or the associated strips; but often other lamps tended to fail out. So these days, we’ve learned our lesson—we usually now replace all the LED-strips.

Summary: How we fixed an LG 55LB5550-UY TV

Our quote approved, we ordered and installed parts, and completed the TV repair. See this video for a full report and case study, from beginning to end-stage/final test, of how we fixed an LG 55LB5550-UY TV. For more examples of our art-and-science of TV repair, click here. For our main TV repair page, click here. And to get a Quick Quote on your repair, click here.

Another one bites the dust at Bammel TV Technology Services.




Samsung TV repair image, at Bammel TV
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Samsung UN55FH6200FXZA repair at Bammel TV

Samsung UN55FH6200FXZA repair at Bammel TV

It’s TV Repair Houston time once again; in this case, Samsung UN55FH6200FXZA repair.

Customer brought in to us for tv repair service his nice 55″ Samsung flat screen tv, with a complaint of “long time to warm up, then flickering,” with some other associated issues. Check in date was 5/22/2018.

The Samsung UN55FH6200FXZA specs-page shows it’s a nice set, with 1980 x 1080 resolution and a 240 hz refresh rate. A good, solid smart TV, with two 10w speakers and Dolby/DTS-class sound.

We logged it in, shelved it; and carted it to the tech once its place in the queue was up. Our chief technician diagnosed the unit’s fault as due to primary fail of the main PCB. We completed diagnostics by 5/25.

From this point the admin/research/quoting squad gets involved, and performs standard database consultation and mining, plus associated vendor research to source the necessary part. In this case we came up with a repair quote both we and the customer could live with.

We developed our quote and, as is our wont, collected a special-order parts deposit to proceed. Customer approved our quote, and paid the supplemental deposit to order the main board on 5/29. We logged payment; created our internal Purchase Order; placed the part order; and waited with bated breath for the part to arrive.

We received the freight shipment by 6/4. We completed repair the same day—including a Special Video Shoot, for the Youtube channel and blog. Total turnaround time for repair was thus 13 days, which included the Memorial Day weekend and 4 weekend days, for a total work-day fix of 8 working days.

Here is a link to the Youtube video about this repair.

Summary: Samsung UN55FH6200FXZA repair completed

Another one bites the dust at Bammel TV Technology Services. For our main TV repair page, click here; for more TV repair examples at Bammel TV, click here. To get a Quick Quote on your TV repair, click here.

Marshall amp repair at Bammel TV


 May 23, 2018Marshall amp repair at Bammel TV

A report on a Marshall guitar amp repair ticket: we are the Authorized Service Center in south Texas for Marshall guitar amp repair—and for many other manufacturers, too.  Tube amp repair, solid state guitar amp repair: no problem. At Bammel TV Technology Services, we take pride in our reputation for thoroughness and integrity. Sometimes, we have found, in perhaps 5% of our repair tickets—we make our findings…and our technicians report…NO PROBLEM FOUND: evidently, as we sometimes say, “it just needed to get out of the house.”

In this instance, product had been brought to our shop for examination and repair of excessive noise or hum. Both our chief amplifier technician, and later the CEO, tested the amp and reported No Problem Found. A word about our procedures here seems in order; but first, some notes on the legendary amplifiers of Jim Marshall. (Interested readers are encouraged to check out the fascinating Marshall History page at the Marshall web site.)

Jim Marshall’s music shop began attracting local London talent like Pete Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore; these rockers requested louder amps than were then available in the mid 1960’s. Marshall responded by offering 100-watt amplifiers, powering multi-woofer speaker cabinets, producing near-deafening volume capabilities. The hard-rock era had begun, in earnest.

Along with Fender, Marshall amps represent the two most iconic names in guitar amplifiers. The DSL40C model, although assembled in Vietnam, appears to be an amplifier of very fine quality; sonically it produces a full, warm sound, with useful modern features.

Our approach is to shoot straight. We charge bench minimum fees, as these permit us to offer honest appraisals; we don’t do fake fixes. In some cases, as here, No Problem Found is the finding. A few customers grumble about paying diagnostic charges, but our reply is this: would you have preferred to be charged for a fake fix? We could have reported a fault, and charged you, essentially to do nothing. We prefer to maintain our reputation for honesty and integrity.

For guitar amp repair and Marshall amp repair, call the professionals—call Bammel TV. For our main Guitar Amp Repair & Pro Audio Repair page, click here.

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May 16, 2017

Yup: below you will find a little “Return of the Jetsons” video post on a 1970 JVC Videosphere television repair: a CRT-style/picture-tube-type TV, in glorious black-and-white. Customer “found us on the internet” and brought the TV to us with a complaint of “low sound.” We were able to solve the problem and complete the TV repair, recapturing a moment from the customer’s youth, with a most definite coolness-cachet for his cadre o’ compadres.

JVC (Japan Victor Corporation), founded in 1927, produced Japan’s first televisions. They introduced many innovations and high-quality consumer electronics, including the VHS recorder. They began production of this space-helmet gem in 1970 and sold them into the 1980’s. I don’t recall ever seeing one or fixing one at the shop before (sadly, this one lacked the add-on alarm-clock-base feature! As they say these days: want!)

As you will discern from watching the video, the CRT (cathode-ray tube, in the original parlance; “cathode rays” are electrons) or picture tube is still going strong on this one, and looks great. CRT lifetime is variable; picture quality attenuation can begin at any time, but we’ve seen CRT’s still looking very good after 40 years or more. For older products, we often dial in a composite-video feed, to enable viewing modern video devices. CRT’s were often very hardy. While a step up from early rotating-disk mechanical televisions, the mass and weight of CRT’s eventually gave way to modern plasmas, then LCD’s; coming next: placemat/rollup screens.

Here, we diagnosed and performed a pretty simple and routine fix: some reconfig and resoldering in the audio circuit.

We do it all—including JVC Videosphere repair! For a wee bit more info on the JVC Videosphere, click here. For our TV Repair Houston page, click here. To get a Quick Quote on YOUR repair, click here. For our FAQ page, click here.

File under Can Do, and—another one bites the dust at Bammel TV.

image re video post of JVC Videosphere Repair at Bammel TV

Clavinova repair at Bammel TV Technology Services
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for Yamaha Clavinova Repair, Call Bammel TV

Yamaha Clavinova Repair at Bammel TV Technology Services


Like any piano, over the course of time a digital piano can get hammered—so to speak. All too common is the user, typically a youthful one, who dreams he is Jerry Lee Lewis working out on some ancient tank upright, or playing a million-dollar Steinway piano at Carnegie Hall—although even this class of instrument is not immune to the effects of excessive force. If you stomp on the piano too hard, even in a stomp-piano style, folks, you WILL damage the keybed assembly components!

We see it all the time, and recently a customer brought in a fine and classic Yamaha Clavinova, with fine and lustrous wood, bearing the hallmarks of juvenile abuse: numerous recessed keys, their hammer-weight individual mechanisms damaged or destroyed by excessive playing force.

In some instances we are able to perform individual keybed-component repair; indeed, in some instances we’re forced to do this, or attempt it; but the preferred solution is typically to simply order and replace the entire keyed assembly, which lends a fresh-start approach to the repair operation and the instrument gets a new lease on life. The Clavinova’s were a fairly high-order instrument in their day, requiring a substantial investment. The sound and tone are still great, even by today’s modern digital piano standards, so we very much enjoy restoring these instruments whenever we are asked to do so.

In some cases we’ve run into some No Longer Available parts situations, on some brands; fortunately here this was not a problem. The recommended treatment, replacing the entire keybed assembly, was still a feasible option.

Summary: Yamaha Clavinova Repair successfully completed, at Bammel TV. 

We’re the go-to guys in Houston for Yamaha keyboard repair (and many other brands as well; visit our main Digital Piano Repair page for more information), including the sweet and coveted Clavinova’s. We sourced the part, developed the repair quote, briefed the customer, ordered the parts, and fixed ‘er on up.

A full video of the repair is up at Youtube. Another successful digital piano repair job at Bammel TV Technology Services.