TV Repair Houston: Vizio TV repair, model E500i-AO

A report from our television repair division, TV Repair Houston: Vizio TV Repair, model E500i-A0. Vizio entered the American TV market as a complete upstart in 2002, with 3 employees and a $600,000 operating budget—total. By 2007 company revenue exceeded $2 billion—an amazing feat. Known for their highly aggressive pricing vs their top competitors, Vizio hit the American market hard, quickly laying waste to far-better-known manufacturers. In their wake come other ultra-low-cost Chinese televisions, further challenging the position of the legacy Japanese manufacturers—and the LCD repair and LED repair markets generally.

Questions have arisen on the feasibility of Vizio led tv repair and Vizio lcd tv repair: is it feasible to perform flat screen tv repair of these low-priced TV’s, usually assembled with cheap labor in China? As we have stated in our free White Paper, “Is It Worth Fixing?,” the answer is: it’s a definite maybe. Almost always, each repair prospect must be individually assessed by a senior tech, then researched and sourced, then quoted to the customer. Not all televisions are suited for repairs—we only fix 90% or so!

Here, proof positive of the primary principle: when in doubt—and for “smart TV repair,” and “TV repair near me” queries—and especially, “Vizio TV repair near me” queries—Call the Professionals! Call Bammel TV: your Vizio TV repair shop! In this case, we identified and corrected a fairly commonplace syndrome, namely backlight repair: behind the display panel of modern flat screens is an array of high-intensity LCD or LED lights. They go out sometimes, and can often be replaced economically; not always, but quite often our Super TV Technician near me can isolate the faulty elements; order ’em up; and replace them, leaving the television back up in excellent working order

It”s the final QC check on a Vizio tv backlight repair job, a 50″ TV repaired for No Picture complaint.

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