The future is now! The trend toward radical advances in technology is now entering the residential space, with incredible developments at an incredible speed—with dramatic force and implications for our everyday lives.

From energy savings to intelligent surveillance and security to revolutionary breakthroughs in audio-video capabilities, enhanced comfort, and the simple pleasures of a deeply customized living space—the possibilities are vast. We at Smart Home Houston have the knowledge and experience to be your personal digital technology consultants, designers, and miracle workers.

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With a vision and skills born of more than two centuries of combined technical and industry expertise, our team is splendidly suited to enact your Smart Home dream—or design one for you! Your choices include, but are not limited to:

  • camera surveillance systems and intelligent-lock security
  • super-advanced 4k or 1080P video from multiple sources, independently assignable to one or more video monitors in your home
  • custom media rooms and home theaters that provide astounding, cinema-grade video and audio
  • advanced LED lighting and sophisticated room-level climate control
  • customized audio streaming distributed throughout your home
  • automated kitchen appliances that make cooking and storing food a breeze
  • fully-integrated automation control for a seamless whole-home experience

Everything is fully controllable and customizable from your smartphone. But what if your family doesn’t use smartphones? No problem—we’ll create a global, whole-house solution using the advanced control technologies now available.


Whether you want to know what time your kids get home and whether they bring friends, need to keep an eye on your babysitter, or are trying to find out why your dogs bark at night, a smart home security system offers more peace of mind than ever before.

Intelligent locks make it much more difficult for intruders to gain entry. Surveillance cameras, paired with motion and heat sensors, scan for trouble and alert you of potential dangers. No matter where you are in the world, you can take immediate action from your smartphone or laptop.

Home safety extends far beyond security. With an integrated home safety system, your water or gas can shut off automatically if a leak is detected. You can receive instant notification, wherever you might be, if your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector goes off. With full home monitoring technology, you never have to worry about returning home to a disaster.

Take advantage of the insider knowledge available to you through our Custom Home Theater Design group, featuring master technician Robert Cardoza. Bob will assess your needs and vision for your custom media room or elite home theater and propose a personalized solution based on a wide range of best-in-class projector and monitor manufacturers. For the audio, however, we’d strongly recommend sticking with Bob’s favorite: JBL. No one can match their products for comprehensive quality.


In this day and age, using a single primitive thermostat to control your home temperature and climate is not only old-fashioned, it’s also expensive! New technologies such as zone controls and programmable thermostats can add greatly to your comfort while lowering your monthly energy bills. No more battling over the thermostat when you can independently control the temperature of each room at different times of day!

Advanced, programmable, high-efficiency LED lighting turns your home into a warm and charming ecosystem of delightful and varying illumination, with millions of available colors—all independently controllable. You can even have music start in your bathroom when you turn on the shower light, set up automatic “midnight snack” lighting for late-night kitchen trips, or turn off the lights automatically when your kids leave for school.


Kitchens are getting a dramatic makeover, thanks to the “internet of things” revolution. Today, we can put in a latte dispenser that automatically brews a mix to any user’s personal taste, a refrigerator that takes photos of its contents and lets you know when they expire, or even a smart oven with thousands of precise time and temperature combination settings. You might like a plate that uploads your meals to your Fitbit and lets you know if your portion is too big, or a frying pan that talks you step by step through the cooking process. Ask what else is possible, as smart kitchen technology is evolving all the time.


Want the lights to fade up slowly in your bedroom, to a preset level, at wakeup time? Check. Want the bathroom lights to fade up to 30% for that deep-night visit? Check. Want the A/C to ramp up when you open the garage door upon returning home? Check.

Need fine-grain control over your pool PH? How about luxurious wall art—that changes scenes? From remotely letting your freezer know that you need more ice for your party to setting up a kids’ bedtime routine complete with a five-minute warning and automatic bedroom TV shutoff, a fully automated smart home lets you handle routine household tasks with ease

Nest Pro Level Installation

We’re proud and thrilled to now be able to offer Nest Pro level installations. Nest is at the cutting edge of smart home and home automation technology. They work constantly to expand and improve both their hardware and (crucially) their software. While some people prefer do-it-yourself solutions, there is a real argument to be made for working with a Nest Pro installer. You will gain the benefit of our extensive industry experience, including specific expertise with Nest. Perhaps most importantly, by working with a Nest Pro installer, you will receive three extra years of product warranty. Call us today to schedule your on-site evaluation!

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Bammel TV Technology Services



My relatively new Yamaha home audio receiver lost sound for Zone 2. I saw that they were an authorized Yamaha repair facility, and I think the only one in Houston. I talked to John over the phone before I brought it in, and understood there would be a non-refundable diagnostic fee which would be applied to the total invoice (this part seems to be overlooked by many reviewers). They fixed it ahead of schedule, which was appreciated. John was very professional and made me feel like a valued customer. I'll be coming back here for any future electronic repair needs.



I’m glad I took my TV to these guys these guys were the best Bammel TV technology service really save me a lot of money I would have thrown away a good TV I would definitely recommend these guys to my friends and family.



I reached out to Bammel Tv to inquire about some repairs to my CDJ 900s. Fearful that the 4th of July holiday would prolong my repairs John was able to diagnose and repair in 3 business days. Work was exceptional and my CDJs are back running at optimal level. Thanks for your assistance John and I will definitely be back for any further needs.



This company was very professional and did outstanding work on restoring my Adam A7 speaker to spec. Will use them again in the future.



Had my vintage Pioneer amplifier recapped and serviced here- they did a first rate job in communication, turnover time, and results. It now sounds better than I ever remember it sounding.

I will use them again- thanks!



They are very professional, knew exactly what they needed to fix with the projector. Projector working perfectly since it was fixed, about a year ago. Great job!!



We had an MC2102 that was in Desperate need of a face lift and refresh, searched a few shops in the Texas area that did Mcintosh repair, and unfortunately wasn't thrilled about shipping it anywhere or driving 2-3 hours away to get it serviced. Bammel TV does great work! Polite, Responsive, takes there time, and is in constant communication during the process. Keep in mind when you have a unit like this repaired its not a quick process, but They made it worth the wait!
We will definitely use them again, and glad we found some new friends we can send our Clients too!

DEFINE Audio Video
The Woodlands Tx, 77380


Bammel TV Technology Services

I was a bit hesitant to drop off my equipment to this store with whom I have never done business. These people are awesome! They are quick to analyze the issue and get back with me with results and cost estimate. I wouldn’t call it an estimate but rather an exact cost projection. From one VERY skeptical person (who doesn’t do reviews often), to any others, I HIGHLY recommend Bammel TV for any of your AV repairs.


Bammel TV Technology Services


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