Guitar Amp Repair Houston: Marshall Amp Repair DSL40C

A report on a Marshall guitar amp repair ticket: we are the Authorized Service Center in south Texas for Marshall guitar amp repair—and for many other manufacturers, too.  Tube amp repair, solid state guitar amp repair: no problem. At Bammel TV Technology Services, we take pride in our reputation for thoroughness and integrity. Sometimes, we have found, in perhaps 5% of our repair tickets—we make our findings…and our technicians report…NO PROBLEM FOUND: evidently, as we sometimes say, “it just needed to get out of the house.”

In this instance, product had been brought to our shop for examination and repair of excessive noise or hum. Both our chief amplifier technician, and later the CEO, tested the amp and reported No Problem Found. A word about our procedures here seems in order; but first, some notes on the legendary amplifiers of Jim Marshall. (Interested readers are encouraged to check out the fascinating Marshall History page at the Marshall web site.)

Jim Marshall’s music shop began attracting local London talent like Pete Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore; these rockers requested louder amps than were then available in the mid 1960’s. Marshall responded by offering 100-watt amplifiers, powering multi-woofer speaker cabinets, producing near-deafening volume capabilities. The hard-rock era had begun, in earnest.

Along with Fender, Marshall amps represent the two most iconic names in guitar amplifiers. The DSL40C model, although assembled in Vietnam, appears to be an amplifier of very fine quality; sonically it produces a full, warm sound, with useful modern features.

Our approach is to shoot straight. We charge bench minimum fees, as these permit us to offer honest appraisals; we don’t do fake fixes. In some cases, as here, No Problem Found is the finding. A few customers grumble about paying diagnostic charges, but our reply is this: would you have preferred to be charged for a fake fix? We could have reported a fault, and charged you, essentially to do nothing. We prefer to maintain our reputation for honesty and integrity.

For guitar amp repair and Marshall amp repair, call the professionals—call Bammel TV. For our main Guitar Amp Repair & Pro Audio Repair page, click here.

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