Restored 1956 Philco Television

Well it was a moral victory anyway, if not a financial one, as our assistant AJ put it. It took us nearly a year, and uncounted hours of tech labor, but finally the job is done: restoration of a 1956 Philco H3410. The repair ended up requiring numerous rare vacuum tubes or “valves” as the Brits say; finding an old-school high-voltage flyback transformer; plus numerous miscellaneous capacitors, resistors, diodes, and a Rheostat—haven’t heard that one in a while—as well as significant corrosion repair.

We added a format convertor to allow modern RCA video-in capability, permitting input from modern sources, as the original rabbit-ear antenna won’t function with today’s signal sources.

Here is video of the final completed repair. Brought to you exclusively by Bammel TV Technology Services, filing under: Vintage Gear Repair, TV Repair.

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