restored custom home theater system by Bammel TV Technology ServicesCustom home theater was once the exclusive province of the rich and famous, but thanks to tremendous leaps in technology and affordability, it is now possible to design a home theater at nearly any price point. Whether you want a projector and a roll-down screen, a 4K Ultra HD TV and a Blu-Ray, or even a hidden system that converts your family room to a theater at the push of a button, Bammel TV Technology Services is here to help you every step of the way.

Viewing and Playback

Projectors are traditionally considered the gold standard for home theater systems, along with a large movie screen. These are best used in dedicated home theater rooms with carefully controlled blackout lighting, though modern technology has somewhat ameliorated the effects of ambient light.

Increasingly, though, home theaters are relying on high-end, flat-screen TVs. A 75-inch Ultra HD television in LED, plasma, or OLED can be an excellent substitute for a projector and screen, with the added benefit of crisp viewing in all lighting conditions. Even a more modest, and vastly less expensive, 50-inch TV is more than adequate for most home theaters. Another advantage of using a TV rather than a projector is that you can choose a smart TV capable of streaming from Netflix and other popular services for easy access to content ranging from old documentaries to the latest blockbusters. If required, we also do TV wall mount installation. tv wall mount installation and custom home theater set up image


As any movie lover knows, your sound system will make a tremendous difference in your overall home theater experience. The most basic home systems are 5.1 channels, but upgrading your sound is highly recommended. At a minimum, consider adding extra subwoofers to expand the bass playback over a wider area. True audiophiles might want to consider a 7.1 channel system, along with 3-D audio, which adds an overhead speaker for a more immersive experience.

Components and Features

At a minimum, you need an AV receiver or the equivalent separate components. This equipment takes in information from your system devices, decodes the video and audio signals for output, and amplifies your speakers. This category also includes your cable box, Blu-Ray player, gaming system, and any other components that you want to play through your home theater. If you don’t choose a smart TV, you will also need a streaming device such as a Roku, or the new StreamSmart device, unless you have a gaming device that also streams.

A remote control is often just an afterthought, but choosing a high end remote will dramatically simplify your life. Consider a top-quality universal remote with touchscreen capabilities and extensive customization options. There are also several app-based solutions, for those (like us) who live by their smartphone interface.

Room Design Considerations

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to home theater designs. Do you want movie theater-style seating? Leather recliners with cup holders? Comfortable couches to snuggle on?

Don’t forget automation controls. For example, you can automatically bring down the room lights when you press play, bring up just a bit of ambient light when you press pause, and fully illuminate the room when you press stop. You can automatically lock the doors to your home when you start a movie, or even tap a switch to find a lost remote control.

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