Sony TV Repair in Houston Texas

At Bammel TV Tech Services, we’ve fixed hundreds of Sony TV's over the years. We’re the Master Service for Sony in Houston, and of technology repairs in Houston generally, including all brands of TV—most certainly including Sony TV's and displays.

In our opinion Sony’s legendary quality remains in effect. We still occasionally receive requests for service on Sony classic sets which are seeing their first failure after 10 years, 20 years—even some 30 year old sets. We have a very high finalization rate and a relatively low rate of irreparable faults with Sony, as compared to most other brands. Sony sets, compared to some other brands that we service, generally present no major technical challenges, although Sony plasma displays, like those of other manufacturers, can offer some head-scratching opportunities on occasion!

Some few modern flat-screen TVs will suffer the dreaded “panel fault,” that is, a fault in the actual display panel, the final picture stage, which is often a catastrophic finding. However, the number of panel-fault flat screens we see is low: on the order of only 10% of all the sets we examine, according to our most recent and current statistics.

If anyone can fix it, protect your original investment, and save you some monies off a replacement, that’s us. Call today to set up your Sony service.

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