SONY Shake-99 Repair At Bammel TV Tech Services

In for service, a Sony Shake-99 audio/video system. Customer indicated a complaint as follows: CD STUCK…RECEIVER OUT—NO SOUND. This large-format product (see video) ROCKS! at both low and high volume. It has almost 5000 watts, with smartphone control, wireless bluetooth connectivity, included DJ and lighting effects—overall, a very nice product, and one we had not previously seen.

Our technicians spent the required diagnostic time with this fantastic, club-level system. Working together, our team of skilled technicians resolved successfully the customer’s complaints: we fixed the CD mechanism issues by sheer expertise, and a process of re-alignment, while the Shorted Receiver complaint we were able to locate the culprit and faulty component—namely a faulty transistor on the Main PCB power supply.

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Summary: Shake-99 Repair at Bammel TV Tech Services

Just another routine day as the world’s greatest repair shop. Need service? Call the professionals—call Bammel TV!

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