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Introduction: Why We’re The Best Television Repair Service Houston TX

It’s a bold claim. But as we say in Texas, it ain’t braggin’ if you can do it. Why are we the best?

  1. We’re fearless. We can fix TV’s (and many other things) others are afraid of. Our matchless experience and industry depth are legendary in Houston, and beyond.
  2.  We offer great value, and (we believe) the best repair warranty of any shop in the country, on most repairs.
  3. We’re rated A+ with the BBB. We’re the real thing. We stand behind our work.


Hello! And welcome to Bammel TV Tech Services’ TV Repair Houston Page. We’re Houston’s Super TV Repair Shop! We’re the city’s leading TV repair and TV service experts. We’re your go-to guys for repair of all television technologies: 4k, HDR, and more.

Many CRT-style picture-tube sets are still in service, and small wonder: they look cool, and have fine pictures. We can often repair them at reasonable prices if they develop faults. We repair vintage TV’s, vintage audio, and vintage electronics, too. Rest assured that with Bammel TV Tech Services, you’re getting the very best—new, or classic.

Adopting a Texas parlance, you “might could” just call us TV repair Houston TX! We offer our Gold Standard Service warranty on our repairs. Extended warranties are also available.

“Bammel TV Technology has performed repairs for my family via both in-home and drop-off service…for me, Bammel TV Technology, in baseball terms, is batting 1000 and without reservations, at this time, I fully and wholeheartedly recommend them for repair work! Kudos for multiple jobs well done!”  Tech Control, October 2016 (read the full Google review at

Economizing Your Repair/Finding a TV Technician Near Me, and Other Considerations

How much does it cost to repair a television? Well, we base the cost quote on a matrix of factors. These include class of technician required, plus any required parts; proposed finalization time; and product class. With the ongoing technology revolution, there’s no doubt that the TV repair business is in transition. Sometimes it seems like “they’re giving them away free with a gallon of milk,” as we say. But most sets are still worth fixing.

It does take some effort and expert diagnostics to determine repair prospects and plausibility. Even for us, with our massive experience, it’s sometimes not possible to say for sure without testing some hypotheses, and doing some test installations. Consequently, in most instances there’s a bench minimum, which varies based primarily on product class.

The cheapest fix? Bring it in: the most economical TV repair service is typically achieved by bringing the product in to us. If bringing it in is not feasible or desirable, we also offer in-home or on-site service for larger televisions, if you prefer that option. Rates vary by proximity or locale, class of product and season; if you need home service please call in to our main phone number, 281-444-0287, and ask for Dispatch.

We repair TV’s and do TV repair in the entire Houston metropolitan area: in the north, from Katy – Cypress – Tomball – Magnolia – Montgomery – Conroe – Porter – Kingwood – Humble; through the Spring/Woodlands area; through the city proper; and from the northwest, Crosby – Huffman, down through South Houston, League City, through Pearland, and over to the Southwest: Bellaire – Sugarland – Missouri City – Richmond – the Med Center – Rice University area, the Montrose — just call 281-444-0287 and ask to speak with Dispatch for more details.

We can even fix backlight panel faults and failures! Here, flat screen tv repair: an LG tv repair—we fixed the television’s faulty backlight array.


Getting Free Repair Cost Information at our TV Repair Houston Free Information Links

For a Quick Quote on your product click here. If you have general questions about repairs and our repair process, click here for our free White Paper on repairs, “Is It Worth Fixing? The Art, Science and Economics of Repairs.”

Even more information on our repair process is available at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Summary: Houston TX Television Repair, and TV Repair Stores Near Me

Whereas in the past most of our television repair business was on sets made in Japan, such as Sharp, Sony, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, and JVC, nowadays we most often see sets by the Korean firms Samsung and LG. They’ve produced high quality sets at reasonable prices and have exploded the market. We’re seeing more and more Chinese products also. They’re very cheap, but even here we are usually able to repair them and save customers some money.

We’re Houston TV repair, at Bammel TV Tech Services: Houston’s local TV repair shop. Here’s a link to our blog section on TV repair, and we’ll be featuring many more examples of our mastery of the art of TV repair soon. For Sharp – Sony – Samsung – LG – Toshiba – Vizio – Panasonic – Mitsubishi – Pioneer – Magnavox – Funai – Sylvania – RCA – Planar – Runco – Sunbrite – and more. LCD TV repair, LED TV repair, Plasma TV Repair – we are the people who fix flat screen tvs—big screen TV repair – and yes, Smart TV repair – you name it – we fix it. Fix TV near me? We TV fix for you!

Who repairs tvs near me? Bammel TV Repair! Thanks for visiting our site! And remember… when you need TV Repair in Houston, Call the Professionals: Call Bammel TV Tech Services.

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