Get A New Projector Lamp If You Notice These Signs

As a more reliable light source, LED and the laser is becoming popular in the projector industry. But if you think these two have successfully replaced the lamp projectors, then you are wrong. Laser and LED may offer longevity but it is a fact that lamp projectors are still preferred by a good number of people. Consumers and AV professionals have learned the process of replacing an old lamp module and do not find the process too complicated.

But we’re pretty sure that no lamp projector owner would want to face the embarrassment that a burnt-out lamp would cause during an important presentation or while watching a movie with friends or relatives. So, to help you avoid such a scenario, we have listed down some signs you should look out for that indicate toward the replacement of the lamp. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Sound – You must have heard the noise a worn-out incandescent bulb produces on switching on a light switch. That’s the sound of the bulb burning out. Similarly, you can hear a pop sound in your projector when you turn it on. The screen will go black immediately after the sound, which signals toward a burnt-out projector bulb
  • Message Or Light – There is another simple way of knowing whether your projector’s lamp has served its time or not. Your projector may indicate this either through light or a message. When this happens, do not assume that the lamp is unusable anymore. You should purchase a new lamp as a backup in case the existing one stops working suddenly
  • Dull Image – If you notice that even after dimming the lights and using a nice projector screen that lessens ambient light, there is no change in the projected image’s dullness and dimness, then this is a sign of a dying bulb. You can also try turning up the brightness to the highest while keeping the room as dark as you can keep it. If the image is still dull, then get a lamp replacement done at a good repair facility that does DLP, laser, and LCD projector repair
  • Poor Colors – Projector lamps such as the OEM ones are capable of displaying colors that look crisp and clear. But if you turn your projector on and find that the colors appear like mud, then it might mean the bulb is no longer capable of producing precise colors via the projector’s color wheel or liquid crystal panel
  • Flickering Image – Another indication of some sort of issue with the lamp is the flickering of the projected image. If the bulb wasn’t damaged physically or through exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures, then the flicker often means an imminent failure of the bulb. You should get a new lamp quickly in this case

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