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Smart Home Systems: The Future Is Now!

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented lightning pace, and it is smashing barriers in the residential space. From energy savings to smart surveillance to enhanced comfort, our living spaces are now more customizable than ever before. The possibilities are nearly limitless, and the team at Smart Home Houston is ready to serve as your personal digital technology consultants, designers, and wizards.

Smart Safety and Security

Are you curious about whether your kids come home on time, and whether they have friends with them? Need to check up on the babysitter? Trying to find out what’s making your dogs bark in the middle of the night?

With a fully integrated smart home security system, you can have more peace of mind than ever before. Intelligent smart locks make it much harder for unauthorized parties to gain entry. Strategically placed surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and even temperature sensors allow you to keep an eye on your home while you are away, and even to take specific actions remotely, from wherever you happen to be.

Yet home safety is more than just security. What happens if your carbon monoxide detector or smoke detector goes off while you are traveling? What if there is a sudden gas or water leak? With an integrated home safety system, you can be notified of any problems as soon as they occur. You can even program your system to immediately shut off the water or gas as soon as a leak is noted.

Smart Home Automation

Do you want your bedroom lights to gradually fade up when it is time to wake? Want the bathroom to automatically give you dim light when you visit in the middle of the night? Perhaps you want your air conditioner to cycle on when you open the garage door, or your home’s lighting system to automatically adjust to changing levels of natural light.

From remotely telling your freezer you are out of ice during a party to automatically turning off your children’s bedroom TVs at a predetermined time (complete with room lights blinking for a five-minute warning), the sky is the limit when you have a fully automated smart home.

Smart Environmental and Climate Control

How would you like a fully integrated LED lighting system, with millions of programmable lighting colors, that seamlessly connects your entire home? Perhaps you want music to start in your bathroom when you turn on the shower light, “midnight snack” lighting for those late-night refrigerator runs, or to turn off the lights automatically when the last person leaves the house in the morning.

Battles over the thermostat can be a thing of the past with a smart climate control system. Fully programmable zone controls allow you to set different areas of your home to different temperatures at different times of day. And if you want to make changes, just use your smartphone or tablet to remotely access your system.

Smart Kitchens

Would you like your latte dispenser to automatically brew a mix to any user’s personal taste? Perhaps you would enjoy a plate that tracks your meals, automatically sends them to your Fitbit, and even alerts you to improper portion sizes. Your refrigerator can take photos of its contents and let you know when they expire. You can even order groceries through the refrigerator’s touch screen or voice option. Your frying pan can talk you through better cooking techniques, while your smart oven offers thousands of precise temperature and time frame combinations.

Smart Home Theaters

Home entertainment has become big business, and smart home theaters are continually breaking new tech boundaries. From 4K Ultra HD TVs to projectors, Blu-Ray systems, and almost frighteningly realistic sound systems, there is no need to leave your home for theater-style movie watching. With fully integrated automation controls, you can automatically turn down the lights when you press play, bring them up partway when you press pause, and bring them back up again when you press stop. You can automatically lock your home’s doors during the movie, and even tap a light switch to find a lost remote.

Smart homes are definitely the wave of the future, but with Smart Home Houston’s home automation experts, the future can be yours today. Whatever your lifestyle, our smart home experts can design the perfect technological solutions for you.

Since 1976, Bammel TV (now Bammel TV Technology Services) has been a trusted name in small and large appliance and equipment repair. Today, our Smart Home Houston division is bringing customers into the 21st century with a top-notch team of smart home experts who are ready to design personalized solutions to meet your family’s needs. If you are interested in taking the first steps towards a new smart home, we invite you to call us today at (281) 444-0287.

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