Common Projector Alignment Errors & How To Fix Them

Projecting presentations, images, or videos onto a large display screen for a more interactive and immersive viewing experience is nothing new. Projectors are in use for years now and they have become a necessity, especially in offices, universities, and schools. Their increased affordability has also made them very become popular for home entertainment. Though projectors are highly useful machines, just like any other device, they also experience problems and require fixing. One very commonly experienced problem is incorrect alignment. Although the imaging device on a projector is always square, the projected image may not appear so. This has caused many support calls for projector repair in Houston, most of what could be avoided with proper installation. In this blog, we are addressing a few projector alignment errors and suggesting ways to fix them. For these illustrations, just assume the projector is mounted inverted from the ceiling.

To start adjustments, zoom in or out your image so that it does not fill the screen. To correct a view with a wider top of the screen than the bottom, the projector needs to be pitched down at the front. When the top of the screen is narrower than the bottom, the projector should be adjusted up at the front. This allows you to square the sides. Roll means that the projector isn’t level left to right. To adjust this, make sure your screen and projector are both leveled.

Another common error is called yaw. The projector is leveled to the screen and pitch is accurate but one side is shorter than the other. To fix the problem, the projector would have to be turned to the right or left until the corner comes in line. Going too far would shrink the other side. Again, the edges should be squared. Some compact installation projectors also have length shift capability, which lets users move the image into a specific position. Get your image square as your first priority, then lens-shift the image into position and zoom to fill your screen.

If your projector has four-point keystone adjustments, use them as a last resort. In other words, try everything we just described in this blog before using it.

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