4 Problems Overpowering Can Cause in Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinets

Even if, you have correctly matched your bass guitar amp head and speaker cabinet and set your amp for a clear sound, overpowering or pushing a bass cab past its limits can damage the cab. When you use a rig you are not familiar with, you often overpower the bass cab. This generally happens because we are used to a particular setup and know the limitations of our equipment. Here are some of the problems overpowering can cause in bass guitar speaker cabinets-

  • Audio Distortion – If you usually play with a clean tone, it’s relatively easier for you to figure out if your speakers are getting damaged. The audio is harsh, unpleasant and distorted. The cab might also be broken up if the gain is set high or master is set low or vice versa. Listen carefully to look for warning signs.
  • Weird Noises–When you send too much power to the bass cab, it sometimes causes the speakers to vibrate, buzz, or even pop. When the cab starts making weird noises, you know there is something wrong with it.
  • Loss of definition in the midrange–A lack of definition, especially in the midrange is a common sign of a speaker that’s not performing right. You may also experience increased compression or a sound that seems to be a phase in and out. When anything of this sort happens, you are supposed to turn down the power!
  • Smoke or Fire–Smoke and/or fire are the last things you want to see in your bass amp. Overpowering can lead toa burning smell or smoke coming from an amplifier. Check the voice coil to see if it has melted due to excessive heat. If that’s the case, the damage might have already been done.

Some Tips to Avoid Problems

Using a different amp or backline rig sometimes even blows up the speakers if overpowered. When matching guitar amp heads and speaker cabinets, especially ones that you are not familiar with, please ensure that you have done the homework for it. Don’t forget to check their wattage ratings before running them full throttle.

Using an overdrive pedal or have a dirtier tone can help fix the audio distortion problem to some extent, but only masks the sound, the signs will still be there

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