Samsung TV Repair in Houston Texas

Introduction: Samsung TV Repair in Houston and surrounding areas

At Bammel TV Tech Services, we’ve fixed hundreds of Samsung TV’s over the years. We’re the Master of technology repairs in Houston, including all brands of TV—most certainly including Samsung TV’s and displays. Samsung sets, compared to some other brands that we service, generally present no major technical challenges, although Samsung plasma displays, like those of other manufacturers, can offer some head-scratching opportunities on occasion! And some few modern flat-screen TV’s will suffer the dreaded “panel fault,” that is, a fault in the actual display panel, the final picture stage, which is often a catastrophic finding. However, the number of panel-fault flat screens we see is low: on the order of only 8% of all the sets we examine, according to our most recent and current statistics.

“How Often Do You Get Samsungs In For Repair?” 

This is, as used to be said, the $64,000 question. Yes, we see a lot of Samsung—but there millions sold! It’s only because we’re the leading service center in Texas that we see so many. And because of Samsung’s huge market penetration, access to replacement parts for Samsung TV’s is generally excellent. Of 34 Samsung carry-in sets we treated in 3rd Quarter 2016, only 4 had unavailable parts—that’s an 88% probability of successful parts diagnostics, requisition and fill-rate/replacement. Of course, any statistic may or may not be pertinent to your particular repair, which will require a specific diagnostic and could quite possibly require a unique solution: even with our vast experience, we are still discovering new things about TV electronics, almost every week!

Our Service and Repair Options for your Samsung

Some folks prefer on-site service, others wish to economize on their repairs and choose to carry in their TV to us for service. Certainly it’s cheaper to do that, but we do offer on-site service over much of the Houston metro area. Please contact us at our main number if you need home service and we’ll discuss the options and service call charges for your area, as well as a convenient time frame for your appointment to get your Samsung TV fixed.


For Samsung TV Repair in Houston Texas, call Bammel TV Technology Services! For even more detailed repair information, go to our free White Paper download page. For a Quick Repair Quote, go here.  For our general TV repair page, click here or see the navigation menu at the top of this page.

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Here’s a Youtube link to a typical Samsung repair. Got more questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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